Mike likes reading,________ I


Mike likes reading,________ I like playing computer games.







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    2017年12月15日 - 读短文,判断正(T) 误(F) 。 Mike and David are good friends. They study in the same school. They always do their homeworktogether.On Sundays they usually go to the gym to play basketball. Mike likes reading boo
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    2017年11月28日 - 读一读,照例子完成下列表格。Hello! My name is Zhang Peng. I am tall and strong. I like science and sports. I have three friends. Mike,Amy and Wu Yifan. Mike has short hair. He likes computer games. Amy has long hai
  • Read and fill in the blanks Mi
    2017年11月08日 - Read and fill in the blanks Mike likes ________ and ________.Mike doesn't like ________ or ________.答案:解析:Mike likes sandwiches and candies.Mike doesn't like burgers or mangoes.
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    2017年11月18日 - 听下面一段材料,回答第1-2题。 1. What does the woman like doing in her free time? A. She likes reading and listening to music.B. She likes reading and singing.C. She likes reading and playing basketball. 2.What do
  • Mike likes playing ______ golf
    2018年12月22日 - Mike likes playing ______ golf while I like playing ______ piano. [ ]A. the; theB. a; aC. /; theD. the;/C