What time ________ your first


What time ________ your first class start every morning?







  • For some people, the prospect
    2018年05月22日 - For some people, the prospect of starting college, especially going away to school, is scary. It’s probably the first time that you’ll be totally responsible for your own schedule. What if you intend
  • 选词填空。What colour,What time,Wha
    2019年06月15日 - 选词填空。What colour,What time,What,Where,Who1.—is the canteen?— It's on the first floor.2. — Is your T-shirt?— It's yellow.3.—is that boy?— He is my brother.4. —is it?— It's 7 :00.5. —is that?— It's a do
  • 根据情景,从A、B、C中选出正确答案--_______?--
    2018年08月28日 - 根据情景,从A、B、C中选出正确答案--_______?--My first name is Sandy.A. Where are you fromB. What's your first nameC. What's your last name答案:B
  • Can you remember the day when
    2018年02月10日 - Can you remember the day when you spoke your first word? If you can, you are unusual. Try to imagine what first few months of your life were like. I am sure you just spent most of your time eating, sl
  • --How was your weekend, Rose?-
    2019年01月25日 - --How was your weekend, Rose?--Awful! This was the first time I ________ alone at home, bored to death.A.had leftB.had been leftC.have been leftD.have been leavingB试题分析:This was the first time + 从句结构,